Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications encompass a wide variety of corporate communications and messaging which serves to reinforce and promote your brand. Having a clear, concise message which effectively communicates your brand to your target audience is of vital importance to the creation of an effective marketing strategy and plan. On the most basic level, corporate communications should consist of press releases and media information, marketing collateral such as brochures and sell sheets, and advertising, both print and web based. Trade show communications would also fall into this category, with the goal of brand reinforcement through a variety of corporate marketing channels, each reinforcing the other.

Incyte Collateral

Examples of print collateral done for Incyte Genomics of Palo Alto, California.
BioMarcommunications offers customized corporate communications services with a wealth of experience serving the life sciences sector.


Whatever form of advertising you may choose to include in your marketing mix, whether it’s print-based or web-based it should reinforce the brand imagery and logo. It should exude a degree of professionalism that reinforces the strength of the brand. It should be consistent with other corporate messaging which supports and reinforces the brand’s identity.

Effective marketing plans typically employ both forms of advertising to various degrees. Even Paid Search (such as Google AdWords) is a form of advertising, displaying text and image ads to a targeted group of customers based on keyword searches.

Incyte Collateral