Steve Schlicht


BioMarcommunications evolved out of many years of servicing the life sciences industry.

I first became aware of the intricacies and product life cycle of biotechnology products while working for Genentech, perhaps the most successful biotechnology company of all time. As part of a team of document specialists in regulatory affairs known as “tech pubs”, we were tasked with putting together the proper paperwork for New Drug Applications (NDAs) and Biological License Applications (BLAs). It was exciting times as our group was preparing the first “electronic submission” to the FDA for approval for Herceptin, now one of Genentech’s most successful drugs for treating breast cancer.

After leaving Genentech, I spent a few years on the corporate marketing team for Incyte Genomics, who at the time was the leading database subscription provider for genomic information used in drug development.

After Incyte turned to drug development, I turned to another Silicon Valley startup (Coderant) that was focused on innovative technologies and data management for life science companies.

After moving to Santa Cruz, California, I took a position where I was responsible for managing the marketing efforts for multiple brands for Technology Vision Group (TVG), a conference producer that creates successful “partnering” events for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and venture capital companies. During my time at TVG, conference related growth saw the best year to year increases in the 15 years of the company’s existence.

Among the numerous initiatives I integrated into the marketing plan for TVG were the need to emphasize brand management, the development of targeted, database driven, e-marketing campaigns, and the growth and expansion of the marketing mailing list. I developed best practice techniques for database marketing at TVG, and built and scheduled a year of database marketing campaigns and schedules through their CRM (Netsuite).

Most recently, I was responsible for all marketing efforts related to Formopia, a new SaaS product developed by EffOne Software of Sunnyvale, California.

Currently, I’m focusing my efforts on working with smaller clients to build and develop their brands through the use of websites and weblogs (WordPress-based) and the integration of SEO/SEM campaigns, as well as leveraging social media marketing opportunities.

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