Database Marketing

Database marketing refers to the way you harness the power and reach of the internet to build your brand and grow your market. When building a brand, the first step is to build brand awareness, and effective e-marketing utilizing database-driven mailing lists and electronic publishing channels offer the best return on investment. Nothing can reach your targeted customers and existing customers faster and in a more cost effective way than e-marketing.

Advantages to Integrating E-Marketing Into Your Marketing Plan:

List Development: Effective e-marketing involves the the use of a targeted mailing list for marketing communications. This list is made up of current customers and clients, but in order to grow as a business, this list must grow as well. It is the most important piece of intellectual property any company can own. Growing your mailing list can be a relatively painless task, if you know how to effectively build one.

Ongoing Communication & Feedback Utilizing E-Marketing: The best example of doing this effectively is the development of a company newsletter. Establishing a regular communication with your customers in the form of a newsletter establishes rapport, encourages feedback, and gives new customers the ability to easily “opt-in” to receive these communications, a key designation given legal issues with spam.


Example of an e-blast for C21 BioVentures, a conference produced by Technology Vision Group.